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An ideal card

The Magnum Card is an international prepaid card that is fully part of the MasterCard system. It allows you to make purchases in shops and establishments, including online stores, and to withdraw cash from any enabled cash machine.

The Magnum Prepaid MasterCard is a secure payment method for your online purchases and payments because it isn't linked to your bank current account.

No credit check

The Magnum Prepaid MasterCard can be requested by anyone. No current account or credit check is required.

Partner cards from EUR 9.90 per year

You can add up to three additional cards to each main card and decide whether they can access your main account directly or you want to manage them with a sub-account. This is a particularly practical function for children and teenagers under the age of 18. With an annual commission of just EUR 9.90 per additional card, the Magnum Prepaid MasterCard is one of the most affordable in Italy.

Easy top up and transparent expenses control

The Magnum Prepaid MasterCard can be topped up from any account in Italy or the EU. You can also top it up by bank transfe or International Wire Transfer. With a Magnum Prepaid MasterCard there is no risk of overspending: you can only spend what is loaded onto your card, so you have complete control over your expenditure.

Receive your payments

The Magnum Prepaid MasterCard allows you to be paid quickly, easily and conveniently.

  • Receive your payments directly to your Magnum Prepaid MasterCard
  • Use the card for your online purchases, in stores or wherever MasterCard Brand Mark is displayed.
  • Lower costs and tariffs than other payment systems
  • Immediate replacement of your card in the event of theft or loss

Transfer funds from card to card in real time

The Magnum Prepaid MasterCard is perfect for transferring funds because it allows you to share money in real time from anywhere and at any time.

No advance payment

No advance payments are required to receive your Magnum Prepaid MasterCard. Costs are debited to the card account.

Magnum Card

Prepaid MasterCard

The Magnum Prepaid MasterCard is welcomed in over 30 million establishments across the world.

New Magnum Card

The reasons to obtain Magnum Prepaid MasterCard®

  • No current account required
  • No credit checks
  • Use it in over 30 million stores across the world, as well as to make withdrawals from cash machines and online purchases

  • Top it up easily at any bank
  • Receive your salary, wages and commission on your card
  • Check your expenditure using the online statement